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SOLITON 1325 (Barcode: 5903684233250) ~ POLAND ~ Jazz

Recorded: 2021 Released: 2023

This is an album by Polish Jazz bassist / composer Piotr Rodowicz, recorded with pianist Bogdan Holownia, flutist Ryszard Borowski and guitarist Mark Waggoner. It is the 2nd release in a series, which commemorates the legacy of Polish / Jewish composers, who perished during the Holocaust and their work is sadly mostly forgotten. The album presents eight tracks, composed four each by Artur Gold and Leon Borunski, both of which were highly active in the early Polish Jazz scene.

During the period between the two World Wars, Polish Jews contributed a vast share of the Polish Culture, in Poetry, Literature, Theatre, Cinema and of course Music. Tragically, all those who did not manage to escape the Holocaust, perished with the rest of Polish Jewry, with most of their legacy lost forever.

The music presents Jazzy interpretations of the original music, elegantly recorded in an intimate acoustic quartet by experienced musicians, and the result is a highly melodic, pleasant listening experience on the lighter side of the Jazz spectrum, but full of respect to the original compositions.

Overall, this is a wonderful tribute to forgotten heroes of the Polish / Jewish composers / musicians, who are truly worthy of being remembered. The life story and musical legacy of both these composers, whose music is included here, is a fascinating part of Polish Cultural legacy, and I am thankful to Piotr Rodowicz for keeping the flame alight.