SOLITON 1008 (Barcode: 5903684230082) ~ POLAND ~ Jazz

Recorded: 2019 Released: 2020

This is an album by veteran Polish Jazz bassist / composer Piotr Rodowicz recorded with a bunch of „friends” like pianist Bogdan Holownia, flautist Ryszard Borowski, saxophonist Jaroslaw Bothur, guitarist Mark Waggoner and drummer Kazimierz Jonkisz. The album presents ten original pieces (one in two versions), seven composed by Rodowicz and three by Holownia.

The music is all strictly melodic mainstream Jazz, on the lighter side of the idiom, but the compositions are solid and well crafted, and in the hands of these veteran performers they are all also splendidly executed.

Although this is not the kind of Jazz I tend to listen to on an everyday basis, I firmly believe that it is a legitimate part of the genre, especially since it is accessible to a much wider audience than just the hardcore Jazz buffs. As long as the music has an intrinsic artistic value, is honest and professionally executed, it is fine with me, regardless of what the Jazz snobs my say.

Overall this is a lightweight, pleasant listening experience, with Jazzy flavor and a solid entertainment value. Recommended for listeners with such inclinations!